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Free Shipping on orders over $75 and Tax Free Shopping!

Now you can enjoy tax-free shopping and free shipping on all orders over $75.00!  No, we haven’t gone mad and don’t worry, we pay our sales tax bill in its entirety.  We have been able to negotiate some savings from our suppliers and now we want to pass the savings on to you in a meaningful way. Let everyone know …

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Alter Ego Extreme

Alter Ego Extreme “Oh Sh@#! Edition” pre workout! Feel the best you have ever felt during a workout in your life! Beta alanine – 3g per scoop.  Beta Alanine helps increase carnosine levels in muscles, which buffers hydrogen to help delay the onset of muscle fatigue. Targeted doses of proven ingredients that boost energy, elevate mood, increase focus, and excited the …

Show Us Your Alter Ego social media contest winner – Torrance Cooper

Torrance Cooper was voted the winner for his fun and creative posts during the “Show Us Your Alter Ego” contest. Congratulations Torrance! He will be receiving a FREE Alter Ego for him and one for a friend.  Thank you to everyone who participated during the contest.  It was a lot of checking out all of the creative posts.

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Cotton Candy BCAA

Chain Reaction is a concentrated blend of amino acids (Branched Chained Amino Acids) consisting of Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and Valine. This product is designed to help athletes of all levels from high school to the professional competitors. BCAA block’s a message to the brain signaling fatigue giving athletes the ability to prolong endurance in their workout, while serving as fuel for …