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New Athlete Alert!! Please welcome pro bodybuilder and judge, Johnny Spears, to the P4P Athlete Roster! Great bio below! Bio: "All my life, I have taken pride in reaching the highest levels possible in all aspects of life without cutting corners or taking shortcuts. When I began my bodybuilding career, I took the same philosophy that doing it by the science that our bodies have with out using any Performance Enhancing Drugs. I am a NGA Masters Pro Bodybuilder and an NGA Judge. I take the All Natural competitions seriously! As All Natural Athletes we set the standards for our youth today. They have a lot of negative choices and peer pressure on them that they can easily be turned the wrong direction and be on path to self destruction with Performance Enhancing Drugs. As an All Natural Athlete you constantly find your self researching labels so that to keep yourself from possibly taking hidden ingredients that could disqualify you from a competition or even be banned for a period of time. When I got introduced to P4PMuscle, which took away the label scrutiny, they are a company that has the All Natural Athletes in mind. Knowing this is a great asset to any Athlete. The products that I have taken are superior to what I had been using and the results have been very rewarding. If you have not taken the time to try P4PMuscles products, order some today as you will be glad you did." #natural #bodybuilding #figure #nga #p4p #p4pmuscle #supplements #protein #preworkout #bcaa #pro #athlete