Jenna Mills

NPC Bikini Competitor

My name is Jenna Mills and I am a bikini competitor in the NPC. I am a Wisconsin native and I come from a loving Italian family where I am the only girl with six brothers. I am also a local titleholder of the Miss America Organization and competed in Miss Wisconsin in June 2013. I was crowned Miss Seven Rivers in January 2013 and it has been an absolute blessing being able to volunteer for my platform “Unplug Your Kids; Building an Active Future” which focuses on childhood obesity. I have always been an active person and my favorite part of pageants is the swimwear portion of the competition. I wanted better fitness results so I started working with a personal trainer. It was my trainer’s recommendation that got me where I am today. If someone would have told me two years ago that I would place second in my very first NPC bikini competition, I would have laughed in disbelief. The last two years of training hard in the gym, learning about nutrition and sticking to a clean diet has been fascinating to me and overall rewarding with my huge transformation. When I look at myself in the mirror not only do I see the physical results that I love but I can also say that for the first time in 23 years, I LOVE myself. I, like so many woman, have had body image issues, but I can gladly say that working out changed my life for the better. I competed in my first show in October 2013 at NPC North Star in Minnesota. When I found out that I was in the largest class of the bikini girls, I got a little nervous and slightly doubted myself because I was up against many beautiful ladies. The group was so big they had to break it up into two large groups. When they announced me and two other girls to leave the stage I thought they didn’t like me and that I was out of the competition. Leaving stage, the other two girls grabbed my hands and were jumping for joy…I thought to myself, “Are these girls crazy?” They explained to me that we were in the first call out for top 3! My face lit up like a child seeing Santa for the first time and I immediately began to jump around with them with a big smile on my face! It was the realization that all of my hard work in the gym, all of the strict dieting and all of my prayers had paid off. I went on that evening to win 2nd place for my very first bikini competition!! My next competition and the final one for my 2013 season was the following weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for NPC Badger State. I met so many lovely ladies and had a blast backstage getting to learn more about tips and tricks about competition. We had so many desserts back there we could have had a bake sale! I was blessed again that evening, finishing in 2nd place! I told myself that if I liked this sport and did well, that I would continue to compete, and after meeting so many great people in the bodybuilding world and inspiring others in my hometown, I know this is the perfect place for me. I decided to partner with P4P because they treat their athletes as family. The products they supply are the cleanest on the market without the added fillers and as a competitor I appreciate a clean product to go with my clean diet. I cannot ask for a better opportunity and I am so thrilled to begin my journey with the P4P team!