CASH Drawing for qualified athletes starting Jan, 2017!

Jan 31st, 2017, we will be randomly selecting one athlete for our first monthly cash drawing.  The opening amount will be $50.00 in cash.  To qualify, all you have to do is have your athlete promo code used two times during the month of January.  All other athlete benefits are still in place, this is just a bonus on top of that for a little bit of fun and to reward those that are doing a great job promoting the brand.  Each month throughout 2017, we will be selecting one athlete for the cash bonus and the pot can grow every single month!  The pot will go up by $25 every time there are 25 additional purchases with our athlete promo codes during that month.  Our goal is to give back to our athletes and reps in another unique and fun way to help support your competitions.  Lets see if we can drive this pot up into the hundreds of dollars and eventually thousands over time.  After the close of each month, we will do video of the live drawing and announce the winner.  Good luck to everyone.  Can’t wait to see who the big winner is!