Tainted Supplements… Don’t Risk Your Reputation or Your Health

tainted supplements

18 to 25% of products that athletes use are tainted supplements with compounds that are not on the label (IOC and USADA studies).  Think about that for a second.  That is some pretty scary stuff.  This literally means that nearly one out of four supplements has a compound or compounds that could cause a drug test failure for an otherwise honorable natural athlete.  Our children are taking supplements that may or may not be laced with potentially harmful ingredients never disclosed on the label. 

Sports organizations go to extensive lengths to test their athletes to ensure fair competition.  The list of athletes that have been banned from competition and publicly disgraced due to tainted supplements is very long.  This happens at every level; high school, college, amateur, Olympic, and professional.  Some professional athletes have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over bad supplements.  Countless other athletes have lost something even more precious, their pride in being a drug-free and honest competitor. 

How do you know which companies to trust?  That is the million dollar question.  There are small companies and large companies to blame.  There are companies that boast certifications and policies that have also been exposed.  It is true that there are some small stores, gyms, trainers, and distributors that mix their own formulas in an uninspected back room without any sound quality control practices or even insurance.  It goes without saying that you shouldn’t do business with these companies.  There are also a lot of issues with some of the biggest and most popular brands.  Most of the time these companies drown out all of the negative press from tainted supplements, amino spiking, and other issues.  With a little digging, a simple search will be pretty eye-opening. 

P4P takes pride in being able to provide high quality supplements that you can be confident with.  We do not carry any products in the high risk categories (test boosters, fat burners, stimulants, prohormones, growth hormone boosters, etc).  This reduces the risk of any cross contamination since those ingredients never come into contact with our ingredients.  Our manufacturing facility is also FDA inspected, the products are processed in a pharmaceutical clean room, and internationally recognized quality control practices are used to ensure that the products are clean and true to label.  The raw ingredients, which are sourced in the US, are tested on the way in and finished products are tested again before they ship to our fulfillment center.  We may not be the biggest company out there, but we give a damn.  We care about the athletes and customers that make up our customer base and we take every precaution possible to make sure that P4P customers are not risking their reputation or their health. 


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