Gym Etiquette – 10 rules to make sure you aren’t “That Guy” at the gym

gym etiquette

Gym Etiquette – 10 rules make sure you aren’t “That Guy” or “That Girl” at the gym.

  1. Please put weights away after you are done using them. You are renting the facility, the awesome equipment at your gym, cooping the cost of the utilities, repairs, etc. along with a lot of other members.  Please respect them and do your part to keep the gym clean and organized.
  2. WIPE down the equipment after you are done sweating all over it. It is nice to share, but nobody wants to share your germs, flu, or cold.
  3. Don’t set up an elaborate circuit all over the gym. After New Year’s Day, gyms get a lot busier and you will only be in the way of your fellow gym members.
  4. Abide by the clothing rules, especially if you belong to a family friendly gym.
  5. Nobody wants to talk to you while you are naked in the locker room. This is a definite violation of gym etiquette rules.  Save the chit chat for after you are done getting dressed.
  6. This one is for the guys. Don’t give out unsolicited advice at the gym, especially to fit women.  It can be condescending and is a terrible way to meet a potential mate.  Assume she is there to kick ass and crush her goals.  Don’t disrupt the one focused hour that she actually gets to herself for the day.
  7. DO NOT exercise immediately in front of the dumbbell rack. There are a lot of other members that also need to use them.
  8. DO NOT talk on your cell phone in the middle of the gym. Nobody else cares about your conversation and would rather not be bothered by it.  You will get better results if you stay focused on the workout and return the calls later.  Do yourself and everyone else a favor and keep your phone in your locker.
  9. DO NOT sing at the gym.  Your ear buds are in and  you are louder than you think and the singing is more annoying than you think.
  10. DO NOT curl in the squat rack!