Cash Drawing Each Month For One Lucky P4P Athlete or Rep

cash drawing

Cash Drawing Every Month – New Athlete Benefit Starting TOMORROW!

At the end of each month in 2017, we will be randomly selecting a big winner for a cash drawing to help out with competition expenses for our athletes. To qualify, all you have to do is have your athlete promo code used two times in the month of January. The opening pot will be $50 cash. Every month the pot can grow as the number of athlete promo codes being used grows. Our goal is to have a little fun with this and grow the pot to the hundreds and eventually thousands over time. We will be doing a video post to announce the winners after the close of each month. Good luck to all and Happy New Year!

Each month we will post at what the current cash drawing is worth.  January 2017 starts at $50 cash.  Have a safe and happy  New Year’s Eve celebration.  Let’s make 2017 our best year yet!