Cash Winner announced for January P4P Athlete Drawing

cash drawing winner

Cash winner announced for the first ever P4P Athlete Cash Drawing!

Congratulations to Aili Hammersmith for becoming the first big winner of the P4P Athlete Monthly Cash Drawing!  On Feb 1st we randomly selected Aili from a pool of qualified athletes for the month of January.  As the winner, she received $50 to assist with competition expenses, or for anything she wants.  As of Feb 1st, everything resets and this month is an entirely new contest.  It is very easy to qualify.  All you have to do is have your athlete promo code used two times in the month of February to get entered for the drawing at the end of the month.  The pot starts at $50, but as the number of qualified athletes grows, so does the pot.  Get your orders in and support your favorite athlete, they will definitely appreciate it.  We will post the next increase in the prize as the number of qualified athletes increases, so stay tuned!


Here is the link to the video for the live drawing: