P4P’s Values

We provide sponsorship opportunities exclusive for amateur and professional natural athletes that were never available before.  We aim to provide the absolute best combination of science driven formulations and ridiculously great taste that can benefit all drug free athletes and customers.  Some companies promote health and fitness and at the same time promote athletes that are abusing drugs to get results.  You will never see that with P4P.  We are loud and proud about our drug-free values and roots.  We value pushing the envelope and trying new things.  You will see innovation throughout our offerings whether it is our flavoring, formulations, memberships, or world class events promoted by P4P Muscle.

Vision of P4P Muscle LLC

We aim to become THE company that is associated with the best natural athletes in the world. We will continue to offer the absolute best possible products and services that benefit natural athletes. We are committed to offering only those products that are backed by real scientific research. Through our hybrid sponsorship program and promotion of natural athletics, we want to be a positive force that helps make opportunities better for natural athletes worldwide.  We will promote world-class events that showcases natural athletes like never before.

By Athletes For Athletes

We practice what we preach and you can bet that the only products that we use and trust are made by P4P.  All of the owners of P4P are passionate about health and fitness.  If you are around the Madison, WI area and see any of us at the gym, you will see us killing the weights and drinking Chain Reaction from a P4P shaker cup.  We found out very quickly that there are a ton of drug-free athletes, just like us, that are looking for supplements they can trust and a company to stand behind that shares the same values that they do.

Iron-clad Guarantee

We believe in the taste and quality of our products 100%.  If you try a P4P product and don’t like it for any reason, you can return it to us for an exchange or a refund, no questions asked.

Quality Ingredients and Formulas

We don’t use any “proprietary blends” or “matrices”.  You will see right on the label how much of each ingredient is contained in the product, FULL TRANSPARENCY.  Our ingredients are dosed at a therapeutic level to ensure a high level of efficacy.  This is all backed up by rigorous quality control testing and analysis to make sure that the product will live up to expectations every time.  Our products are free of banned substances so you don’t have to worry about failing any drug tests or harming your body.  Our manufacturing facility is cGMP certified and all of our products go through 3rd party testing before it ever ships to a customer.  We are happy to share the 3rd party analysis with any customer at any time.


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