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Joseph Bolton (JB)

  • WNBF Pro Body Bodybuilder
  • Gym Owner / Entrepreneur
  • Co-founder P4P Muscle LLC

First, I’m a happy father and loving husband.  I started my journey in the fitness world much like most people, I played a sport (football,track and bodybuilding).  That’s where I learned discipline, teamwork and all around dedication that I apply to my daily life and from there I developed a thirst for fitness knowledge.

And that’s where I became a personal trainer n.a.s.m. certified.  From there I started at the bottom and built a business for myself working night and day changing lives and in the process changing my own for the better. I have taken on many challenges in my life but one of my favorite challenges that I accomplish was getting my pro card as a drug-free bodybuilder. That’s what really started this business, P4P Muscle….now P4P Undefeated Natural Championships.  As a drug-free bodybuilder, it’s a challenge to find a sponsor with quality products and support for the drug-free athlete so, Joe Manning  (P4P co-founder) Chad Adamovich and I started the first massive drug-free athlete sponsorship with WADA compliant and high quality products.  And we never looked back!

Words of wisdom: Don’t trust me. Trust my hustle!


Joe Manning

  •  Champion Natural Bodybuilder
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Co-founder P4P Muscle LLC

Joe is a proud husband and father of two young boys. He has been involved in the fitness industry and competing since the 1990s. He has held management positions within companies that provide weight management programs, supplement companies, and personal training services. He has brought his wide variety of education and experiences to help make P4P Muscle LLC a unique company that will make a positive impact on natural athletics.

Joe has developed a passion for drug-free body building and fair competition in sport as well as being able to provide “everyday athletes” with knowledge, support, and high quality products to help them achieve the results they deserve.  Whether someone is a multiple time world champion athlete, or a single mom who is managing a busy schedule and tons of responsibilities while killing it in the gym, P4P will be the resource that will help you continue to get it done.

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Chad Adamovich, CSCS

    (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  •  Owner P4P Muscle LLC

Chad Adamovich has spent over half a decade with his pursuit of education in Exercise Science and sports nutrition. In addition, he holds the credentials as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  Chad has an unparalleled passion for the research, science and application behind sports performance, nutrition and hypertrophy. He has devoted the majority of his life to helping athletes at the youth, collegiate and pro level in numerous sports. His experience is vast and has included being a Director for Athletic Republic, Asst. Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, Director of Training for a multi-club franchise and more.

What makes Chad’s role significant is that he can successfully bridged the gap between the science of P4P products and athletes. Outside of whole foods, he knows that high quality supplements can play an important role in the sports performance equation.  Chad’s vision is that P4P will be the number one choice by athletes worldwide.  Every athlete, coach, university, performance facility and organization will know what P4P stands for: Pure, Reliable, and Safe!  

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Carl Bombardier (Bomber)

Sent down by our northern neighbors, Carl Bombardier is a native of Quebec, Canada. The 25 years old was born in Valcourt, a small town about an hour north of the state of Vermont on the east coast. The French Canadian grad student plays ice hockey, which is the main reason why he ended up in Wisconsin as he got recruited to play the sport he loves at the DIII level as a Blue Devil for the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He was also a member of the Stout Men’s Rugby Club and he crossed path with Chad while working as an intern at Athletic Republic during summer 2013.

He is currently working with an NFL team to help with their nutrition program and at the University of California at Berkley. Carl has achieved his ultimate goal to get the credentials he needs (CSCS, MS, RD, CSSD) in order to work with high-performance athletes at the professional or collegiate level. He is constantly working on different projects that are related to the nutrition world and fitness industry. As soon as P4P asked him on board, he was thrilled to be part of something so unique. He is looking forward to see what is coming up next for P4P!