The Hound

About The Show

I have always been a social athlete while I am out competing. I am that guy that will joke around on the starting line of an Obstacle Course Race, Triathlon or even and Ultramarathon, but still keep focused on the task at hand. Here I have the chance to take my social skills to the highest level! On this show we will talk about sports ranging from Obstacle Course Racing, to Ultramarathons, to everything in between and beyond! As a guy who went from 240lbs and lazy, to a healthier, leaner, endurance athlete, I want to hear from you! Do you consider yourself a weekend warrior, or the hardcore, sick individual who has the beastly desire to crush everything in your way (me, haha)? Are you looking for that PR, BQ, FKT, or just an LOL? Then, by all means, we will not BONK on this show!!!


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