Blackberry Banana Protein Muffins

  2g Fat, 15g Carb, 10g Protein per muffin Print Recipe Blackberry Banana Protein Muffins Delicious, moist and guilt free blackberry banana protein muffins made with 3rd party tested P4P Ice Cream Sandwich Iso Whey Protein. Course treats Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 10 minutes Passive Time 15 minutes Servings people Ingredients 2/3 cup […]

Snickerdoodle Pronuts

Snickerdoodle Pronuts featuring P4P Iso Whey – recipe credit Megan Gaza Print Recipe Snickerdoodle Pronuts Course treats Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Passive Time 10 minutes Servings people Ingredients 1 egg2 eggwhites1 tsp vanilla extract2 Tbsp fat free Greek yogurt1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk1/3 cup coconut flour1 scoop P4P Iso Whey […]

Watermelon Pop Rocks Alter Ego Popsicles

alter ego

Watermelon Pop Rocks Alter Ego Popsicles – summer time pre workout treat Print Recipe Watermelon Pop Rocks Alter Ego Popsicles Watermelon Popping Candy Preworkout Popsicles – a super easy and refreshing way to liven up your pre-workout in the summer sun! This recipe uses P4P Watermelon Popping Candy flavor pre-workout, the coolest and most effective […]