P4P Snickerdoodle Protein Cheesecake

   P4P Snickerdoodle Protein Cheesecake Macros for 1/8 of cheesecake = 2g Fat, 11g Carb, 22g Protein Print Recipe P4P Snickerdoodle Protein Cheesecake Fall is in full effect and we have a perfect fall recipe for you courtesy of Jess Orban 2x Natural Pro Bikini Champion and extraordinary baker and cook. Follow her on Instagram […]

P4P Pumpkin Protein Doughnuts

P4P Pumpkin Protein Doughnuts Macros without cream cheese frosting:  3g fat, 4g carb, 15g pro Print Recipe P4P Pumpkin Protein Doughnuts Delicious and satisfying low fat and low carb Snicker Doodle Cookie and Pumpkin Doughnuts. Course protein deserts Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 10-12 minutes Passive Time 30 minutes Servings people Ingredients 2 whole […]

P4P Ice Cream Sandwich Bread/Cake

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P4P High Protein Bread/Cake compliments of @themacrofairy, Jess Orban! Macros for 1/8 of recipe: 3g fat, 10g carb, 13g protein (sprinkles aren’t calorie free so the carbs are a little higher on this one) Print Recipe P4P Ice Cream Sandwich Cake P4P Ice Cream Sandwich High Protein Cake Course protein deserts Prep Time 10 minutes […]