About The Show

I have a true love and passion for natural bodybuilding because to me, it always equates to a better life, lifestyle, and a way of living the Most of both. MidWest Muscle was created with this ideology in mind. P4P Real Talk stems from the same tree and influence. I want everyone who comes in contact with a healthy and fit chance at life to know exactly what I’ve been taught for so many years, IT CAN BE DONE. There is no age limit to good health and fitness, or starting point. I am a living witness, YOU CAN OVERCOME. I have been from a hospitals deathbed to winning first place on stage. Now, recently, even earning a pro card as proof to everyone else what I had already known….good health is attainable, if you are willing to do your utmost and best with a good mental attitude,….and a great support system. And that’s….Real Talk…..

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