What's your Alter Ego?

Alter Ego by P4P Muscle is a 3rd party tested, safe, and effective preworkout supplement. Enjoy increased energy, intense focus, and improved endurance by adding Alter Ego to your routine.

Incredible value
Less than $1 per serving

Iron clad guarantee
No questions asked

3rd party tested
verified for potency and safety

Delicious Black Raspberry




Watermelon Pop Rocks


Pre-workout that pops!


What is your Alter Ego?

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Black Raspberry Alter Ego flavor has been a customer favorite for years. The flavor perfectly balances the sweet and tart undertones of the ripe black raspberry. The ingredients in Alter Ego produce intense focus, energy without jitters, no crash, and incredible muscle pumps.


Alter Ego watermelon popping candy flavor pre-workout is a truly unique and amazing sensory experience. The mood boost, intense focus, and energy without jitters is second to none. It is pre-workout that pops! When the Alter Ego pops, you can't be stopped.

Customer Testimonials

"Most legit pre-workout on the market. It def lives up to the name and the flavor is out of this world. Watermelon pop rocks is amazing!"

Tyler Preston

"Great clean products and fast shipping. Alter Ego is definitely the way to go. It gives me plenty of energy for my workout with no jitters and no crash."

John Schmitt    

"I am absolutely obsessed with the watermelon popping candy Alter Ego. Best pre ever!"

Sabra Wilson  

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