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Ava Diamond, LCSW, Mental Fitness Coach, Speaker, Writer, Athlete
Ava Diamond earned her Masters in Clinical Social from Columbia University over twenty years ago. She continued to pursue academic excellence through intensive trainings in addiction and trauma recovery, emotional intelligence, family systems, motivation, and mentalization. With her pioneering approach and entrepreneurial bent toward professional development, Ms. Diamond has persevered in obtaining recognition for her expertise in creating uniquely effective programs to empower people and organizations. She has been honored to teach at Yale University School of Medicine, write articles for addiction treatment magazines and websites, fitness and women’s magazines, speak in community forums, and co-host radio shows. After taking her athletic pursuits in bodybuilding to the stage and earning her Pro card at age 47, Ms. Diamond merged her two worlds by developing a Mental Fitness Coaching program that has been utilized Nationally for those striving for the true mind:body wellness. What sets her Mental Fitness Coaching apart from life coaching and therapy is that, while it is a very strategic approach, it is also grounded in research-based clinical theory and decades of experience in helping hundreds of individuals and families develop their healthiest selves.

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