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I grew up being taught that everything worth gaining in life had to be worked for. I was homeschooled throughout my education, but was still involved in sports as a 4-sport athlete. Even as a young kid, I was cutting wood and helping my dad in the construction business. I took pride in the work ethic I gained from my parents and wanted to grow up being strong. I found it nothing short of necessary to have my body healthy, strong and to use it to its full potential.

Once I graduated I went to a tech college and earned a degree in residential construction and begun pouring concrete for a company near Madison, WI . During this phase, I also joined the military as a bridge builder. Looking back it’s easy to see that working hard and challenging my body was in my blood, but I was clueless at that time about all the amazing opportunities I really had.

I continued running, hiking, skiing, biking, snowboarding and participating in many other recreational events and athletics, but it wasn’t until by chance, in the spring of 2013, I ended up at a bodybuilding competition. I remember looking up at the girls on stage with complete respect, thinking, if I step up my game in the right areas, there isn't any reason I cant be right where they are.

With the help of a few good friends and hiring the right coach, I began my journey in the bikini bodybuilding world. I learned so much about myself and my body, which filled up my fitness gaps. I was able to challenge myself on a whole new, healthy and exciting level. Six months after starting my training, I competed at my first show and to my surprise took 1st place.

Since then I have continued to compete and expand my knowledge. I am still serving in the Army as en engineer, and I am also headed into my 2nd semester as a nursing student. I run my own fitness company, with goals of inspiring all those around me to find their challenge and help fill the spaces in their lives. I also manage a gym in my hometown and live every day with a well-rounded, healthy and active, body and mind. I want others around me to look beyond the stars and really see what they are capable of. Experience that health and fitness doesn’t have to be a corrective action, but a fun, joyous lifestyle, that they can live out daily. I want to help introduce to others all the experiences and opportunities they have before them.

I am absolutely blessed to be able to represent P4P!

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