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I am an engineer by education and occupation, but am into health and fitness as a hobby. I have been weight training on and off since high school and throughout my college career, however some years ago I decided to commit to a consistent weight training regimen to improve my strength and physique. Within the few years of doing so, I decide to hired a coach and begin training to compete in the NPC. Up to this point: I have competed both locally and nationally, I’ve won 6 national qualifications, and have won my class 4 times across multiple divisions. I am currently pursuing promotion into the IFBB as a Professional Classic Physique competitor.
A good friend of mine turned me onto the products from P4P, as well as told me about the company itself and what they stood for. I feel that what struck me most about the organization is that the P4P management practices what they preach; the owners trust and use their own products on a daily basis. I also liked that they only provide supplements that all athletes and consumers can trust, is an organization that shares many of the same values as I personally do, and are completely transparent with their product labeling without the use of proprietary blends, matrices, or unnecessary fillers. I am happy and proud to be a part of the P4P family!

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