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As a USMC veteran, BYU and Chatham alumni and now a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have enjoyed learning about fitness and applying research. While active my entire life, in 2012 I suddenly found myself far less fit than I had maintained the majority of my life. My desire to stay physically fit renewed after my wife gave birth to our first boy in 2012 when I reached a staggering 220 pounds. By paying closer attention to the number of calories and types of food I was eating, in addition to increasing my cardio, I was able to undergo a total body transformation in one years time, hitting the stage at 174 pounds and 8% BF.
With the knowledge gained from my exercise science undergraduate degree, experience as a personal trainer, and hopes of one-day becoming a sports physical therapist, I plan to continue to compete in men’s physique competitions.
I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to work with P4P Muscle, who is helping natural athletes accomplish their goals. As a natural athlete, trusting a company to provide quality products is essential. Representing a quality company that I can recommend to others is very important.

Contest History:
2013 NPC Natural Pennsylvania Championships – Men’s Physique Class B – 2nd place

United States
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