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I am a wife, mother of 3, faithful servant of God, and a natural figure competitor. I enjoy being fit and healthy from the inside out. I started running several years ago slowly incorporating small Dumbbells and body weight exercises to my daily routine. I've always had a fascination with muscular physiques and desired that look for myself. But I wasn't sure if I had the confidence, knowledge, and money to achieve such desires.
Back in June 2014 my sister in law started working with a trainer which sparked my interest even more to finally get in to shape. I had no intention on competing when I started working with a trainer. I just wanted to gain "gym confidence" and proper technique while executing specific workouts. But my interest in the bodybuilding world grew and grew along with my confidence to be able to compete.
So with 12 weeks to my first Figure Competition I made that commitment. I stepped on stage October 14, 2014 with 12 Amazing Figure competitors. I was in great company and felt completely at ease on stage. I walked away with a 4th place trophy out of 12 for my very first time competing and only weight lifting barely 4 months prior.
I was exposed to a whole new perception of the bodybuilding industry. Much different than the worldly view I had before I ever competed.
Unfortunately, I did not have such a grand experience afterwards. I was emotionally and physically a wreck for several months. It definitely was a mental battle that really took a toll on me in many ways. But being the overcomer that God has made me to be, I fought through the tough times one day at a time. Taking a year off from competing to get my mind right and my passion back for the sport was exactly what I needed.
I am truly pumped and excited to compete again! I will be stepping on stage again March 2016 in the INBF IRON EAGLE Competition. Words cannot express the joy I feel to be preparing myself for another goal. New mindset, new passion, new goals, new trainer/coach, new muscle, and new protein and sups to fuel me along the way. I'm excited about this journey and thrilled to promote P4P Muscle; a product I've immediately fell in love with and a company I respect. I'm looking forward to what the future brings being apart of the P4P Muscle family.

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