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I am a 24 year old IFPA pro bodybuilder. I am also an aspiring Doctor of Chiropractic, and Human Anatomy & Physiology instructor. I first fell in love with bodybuilding after I gave up contact sports due to a torn ACL playing football, which has led to my curiosity and passion for understanding the human body. After attempting to return to play and experiencing further injury and a subsequent surgery on the same knee I knew that I needed to adapt. It was at this time my older brother insisted i compete with him. My first competition was in 2008 as a teen at the INBF Hercules. I left the stage with much to learn and a determination to master the sport. After years of making improvements and self-rehabilitation I have been blessed to turn professional in October 2014. I now aim to be a positive role model for natural athletes, as well as my future patients.

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