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I was a dual sport varsity athlete in high school. After playing my first year in college soccer I started working full time. I focused more on work and less on my health. Going from 145lbs in high school to 195lbs in a short period of time I refused to allow myself to go any further down the rabbit hole. In January of 2014 I committed to doing my first OCR race with Spartan Race for my birthday in July. After 2 years of trying many different diet pills hoping that it was a quick fix I realized nothing beat hard work and eating right. I lost 35lbs and ran my first race. I was immediately hooked on the sport. In 2014 I completed my 3x Trifecta (Trifecta is all 3 distance races in a single calendar year). Since July of 2014 I have completed 11 trifectas and finished in the top 50 Elite for stadium races. 2017 will be the year I work to crack top 50 in mountain races and top 30 in stadiums.
IG- SpartanSilva

United States
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