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Jean Marie

Jean-Marie Beauchemin
OCB Figure Competitor
I have always been an active person participating in competitive cheerleading and track throughout high school and then fitting in running and rollerblading while working full time to put myself through college at the University of New Hampshire. Now that I have an established career as a Training Specialist working for a grocery retailer, life has gotten a bit boring so I was looking for a new challenge. I began my fitness journey after being an avid runner and finding it was no longer difficult for me. I remember going to a 5K race and seeing some of the other runners who were extremely fit and muscular and wondering why my physique didn’t look like that. After all, I was running 5-6 miles 6 days per week and eating clean. I felt great and had tons of energy so I wanted my body to reflect that. I decided I would incorporate weight training and set a goal of entering a competition at the Bikini level in one year. That all changed relatively quickly. I began weight training in July 2013 and after reading just about everything I could get my hands on, changed my nutrition to incorporate more protein. I saw changes immediately. I decided to enter my first bikini competition in October 2013, just four months later. I was shocked when I placed 2nd at the NGA Granite State Open and was instantly hooked. I went on to compete at the OCB Green Mountain Thaw March 2013 and earned 3rd in Bikini Open and 3rd in Bikini Novice. A few weeks later, in April 2013, I participated in the OCB Pine Tree State earning 3rd in Bikini Open and 4th in Bikini Novice. One week later, April 2013, I participated in the largest competition I had ever entered; the OCB Spirit of America. This was a humbling day for me as I had brought my best and tightest package ever to the stage and was shut out of the top 5, earning 6th. This show was a turning point for me as well since I felt that I wanted to continue to challenge myself in the gym but was worried I would become too muscular for Bikini. After some thought, I decided to take the leap and really step up my training over the next 12 weeks to be ready for my Figure Debut at the OCB Natural Yankee Classic in July 2013. I have never worked so hard for anything in my life. I wanted to make a good showing and hold my own knowing I may very well be the smallest on stage. I was honored and shocked to earn 2nd in Figure Novice and 5th in Figure Open at the OCB Natural Yankee Classic in July 2014. I went onto compete at the OCB Cape Cod Natural in October 2014 earning 2nd in Figure Novice. A few weeks later I signed up to compete in the INBF Granite State Open in my home state of NH. I wanted to wrap up my first year of competing at the same show it had all begun at. I did not place top 5 but I had a fantastic time seeing old friends. It's interesting how every competition feels like a family reunion now. I can't imagine how different my life would be today if I did not find my new passion in fitness. I enjoy challenging myself daily at the gym. I enjoy researching about nutrition, supplementation and new workouts. I love meeting other fitness freaks and learning from them and I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I now have. My favorite quote says it all, "Fitness is not owned. It's rented. And you have to pay rent every day."

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