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Jennifer E. Thume
November 1, 2015

Jennifer Thume
My Journey
Jennifer Thume is a self-employed CPT and owner of RAW Strength & Fitness in the upstate Adirondack Region with over 6 years of experience in strength and conditioning and sports nutrition. Working with athletes of all ranges on their on and off season nutrition and training, both in and out of the weight room. Providing tailored programs for each individuals needs and goals is especially a focus in her concepts as each body is different, implementing techniques in nutritional and strength programs provides her clients with results they are extremely proud of.

Jennifer has been an athlete for over 12 years, training and focusing on slow twitch athletics herself, half marathons, marathon, and rowing, then transitioning into a fast twitch athlete, the best she could possibly train for, and branching her athletic resume into the winter sport of skeleton sliding over the last 4 years. Working as a fitness instructor as well CPT has brought a few levels of certifications her way, along with her Cross Fit Level 1, as well working with some of the sports best coaches in strength and conditioning to then also acquire her very own CSCS certification.

With athletic variety sometimes follows injuries and Jennifer is not shy of a few of those. After her third knee surgery and a few achilles ruptures, has decided to stretch her athlete resume a bit further and venture out into women’s physique and put herself on stage spring 2016 as a part of Team Wilson, guided by her coach Cliff Wilson.

Jennifer’s business logo has been “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” providing educated and guided training and nutrition for her own athletes and clients is a huge focus for her. Providing these individuals with the best possible in supplementation, training, coaching, while keeping their goals a #1 at all times, even if that means referring them to another fitness professional. “Even great coaches need coaches, we never stop learning, and we never stop growing…”

Jenn is looking forward to what the physique stage will bring her this spring and the years to come, driving a passion like no other, being a role model and motivator to her clients, athletes, her fitness groups and functional training participants, she works every minute of every day toward providing options for healthier, happier, and stronger athletes and individuals already a part of the industry and those who have not yet started their own fitness journey.

Jennifer Thume
Jennifer Thume
RAW Strength & Fitness LLC (under construction)
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Nursing Degree- UVM/CCV
Cross Fit Level 1

Cross Fit Coach - 3x weekly
Spin Instructor- 2x weekly
Trainer/Coach- EVERYDAY

Bodybuilding, Sportz
United States
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