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I love track and field and my specialty is the heptathlon, which means I compete in seven different events. When most people are done, I’m just beginning my next event. I am extremely competitive, which is how I got myself stuck in the heptathlon. My college coach got me hooked me by letting me try the javelin with the ultimatum that I would have to train for the heptathlon and I stuck with it. I had a rather successful college career in Track and Field as I am a 7-time All-American. But after I graduated May of 2014, I knew that I couldn’t let my career end there.
I constantly strive for personal improvement physical or mental. I’m hardwired for the pursuit of excellence. Currently, I am training hard to improve all of my events so that I can put together a much better score to qualify for USATF Nationals or even the Thorpe Cup. Just like life is one day at a time, I am working on improving one event at a time to be the best I can.

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