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I am Kellie Kent and I AM SO EXCITED to partner up with P4P Muscle!

I am an Air Force Officer and career mom of two boys and I have always been active, but still never quite as lean as I wanted or should be. I always went to running as my go to method for weight loss ever since high school where I ran cross-country. However in 2011 I suffered a tragic hit & run auto accident that left me with a compressions spine injury. It was a very long 2 years of recovery and once finally cleared to return to running, I ran countless 5 & 10K’s, 10 milers, 4 half marathons and even an Ultra 25K in Big Ben National Park, yet the weight still was not coming off. As I was approaching the big 40th birthday year I set two goals, first was to lose the weight and second was to look BAD ASS crossing the finish line of a marathon! So I joined the nearest gym, Gold’s Gym and took advantage of the four free personal training sessions. I showed my trainer a picture of Nicole Wilkins and said she is my ‘Thinspiration’. I started lifting 5-6 days a week and burning off the weight. Then my trainer set me onto a ‘Clean Eating’ regiment and the fat began to melt like wax off a candle. My trainer is a NGA/NPC physique competitor and I went to a few shows to cheer for him. I attended my 1st competition in June to support my trainer and by August I was HOOKED! I was driven to compete and entered my 1st show on Aug 22, 2014; sweeping the Debut category and walking away with 17 total medals from 1st thru 5th!

My goal is to be 'BE BAD A$$! I want to be lean, fit and intimidating so that when I speak passionately about health and fitness people will know I mean it and live it! I am driven mostly because I really want to help and inspire family, friends and followers to be fit & healthy too. 2014 was my year to conquer and prove that turning 4o is NO reason to slow down or give-up on your dreams. In 2015 I plan to continue competing as a natural Figure BB competitor and not stop until I earn my pro-card. Additionally I am inspired to become a nutritionist and personal trainer so that I may share this fit life with others to inspire and motivate them, just as I was by my trainer.


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