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Lori’s childhood consisted of a lot of dysfunction which included alcoholism, abuse and addictions that she believed was ‘normal’, leading her into a lifestyle that was extremely unhealthy for a young lady. She turned to drugs and alcohol at a very young age, steeping to depths of prostitution, running drugs as well as overdoses from different drugs, living in crack houses, homeless and wanted by local authorities, all by the time she was 18 years old. In ’97 she checked herself into treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and has continued her recovery until this day. Only having to change everything about her life and herself.

In 2008, after finding who she thought was her true love, starting a family and following her dreams, her world came to a turn and trial and tribulations arrived. Lori found herself lost, once again, as well as losing nearly all she had. She lost a child (Partial Molar), her home to foreclosure, bankruptcy, her marriage to an affair and realized that her insides no longer matched her outsides, weighing over 200 pounds, she reached out for help.
Lori hired a personal trainer and began working on herself again. Through the dedication, drive and determination to raise her two beautiful children as healthy as possible, while staying single, she lost over 70 lbs of fat, gained sponsorships for running while attaining over 38 road races and continuing her fitness goals into body building. She has competed in a figure competition as well as been involved multiple different venues including body building.

Lori also continued to maintain her recovery, less the different trials and tribulations that were thrown her way, which included the events in ’08 as well as losing her job after 17 years in March ’14.

Lori has not only continued with her recovery, health and fitness as well as motivational speaking, publications, features, fitness modeling and multiple media spotlights, she has now opened her own Model and Talent Agency that provides consulting and event planning named Hawties For Hire.

Lori believes that faith without works is dead and that by showing the world that anything is possible, there's no reason to give up on yourself OR your dreams.
Today, Lori is working on following her lifelong dream as a motivational speaker.

"Faith in the first step is all you need, the rest of the staircase doesn't matter"

~ Hopefully this will spark something and someone will help me share my inspirational story with the world!! ~

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