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I am a mother and role model to a beautiful daughter. I've always been very active in sports and didn't struggle with weight loss until after having my her in 2008. I found my trainer, Steve Poynter, whom I began working with in 2012 and lost over 40 lbs while working with him in the first three months. There were several people on our team who competed, and it really inspired me to take my own training to the next level and prepare for a figure competition. In 2013, I competed in two figure shows and was instantly hooked! The extreme dedication and hard work it takes to reach the stage is so addicting. I took some time off to add muscle mass and competed again in 2015, placing 1st in all of my categories!

It was motivating to know that in the process of training for shows I had also inspired others. People began asking for advice, and I wanted to take what I accomplished to help others struggling with their own health and fitness. When I set a goal, I am 100% vested in the end result. All or nothing. I think that's why competing and the extreme mental fitness it takes to get to the stage is a great fit for me! I'm also very competitive, but with Figure, it's more a competition with become a better version of myself than I was yesterday. Always improving...always striving for more. Fitness is without a doubt my passion, so I went back to school in 2014 to obtain a degree in Exercise Science. I want to help others change their lives as I had changed mine and am so honored to have the opportunity to represent P4P Muscle in the natural athletics industry!

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