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Michelle Shepherd - Bio
Age: 45
Height: 5’4”
Competition weight: 110
Off-season weight: 115-120
Favorite foods: Sushi, Coldstone Creamery, oatmeal cookies with coconut (no raisins - eww), peanut butter in and on anything, my crazy good gourmet protein pancakes!
Passions: Animals – all kinds, but predominantly feral cat rescue. I love art/ drawing/ interior design. I love to travel, especially to Europe. I love the outdoors and nature. I love to help people be their best, from the inside out. I love lifting and challenging myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A bit about me:

I never had issues with my weight growing up, but early into my 30’s I soon realized that I was going to need to do something to prevent myself from morphing into a marshmallow, so I determined that I should probably start working out. I really had no idea how to do that, or what a healthy diet consisted of. After a couple of years of aimlessly stumbling around in the gym, I met a great trainer who educated me about lifting, and a healthy, balanced diet. Once I began to incorporate what he was teaching me, my body immediately started to transform. My weight did not change much, but my body composition changed completely. I competed in my first competition about 1 year later (2005). I won my novice bodybuilding class of five ladies. The next time I got back on stage was two years later under the coaching of Dr. Joe Klemczewski, who guided me to earning my WNBF pro card in both bodybuilding and figure, and going on to win the Tall Figure class and the Short Fit Body class at the 2007 WNBF World Championships in New York.

After taking four years off from the competitive world, and some big life changes, I returned to the stage in 2011, with a very successful year, continuing into 2012 when I switched over to the NPC, earning my IFBB Pro card in figure at NPC Nationals in Atlanta, placing 2nd of 44 ladies in my class. I am currently competing as an IFBB Pro Figure athlete.

For work, I own the Diet Doc of Elk Grove, with the founder of our company being my nutritionist, Dr. Joe. As a Diet Doc Licensee, I guide, coach, and teach people how to reach and maintain their physical goals with a healthy eating regimen for a permanent lifestyle change.

Additionally, I am one of Dr. Joe’s “Team K Perfect Peaking” Directors. It is a thrilling position. I have the pleasure of coaching athletes in the bodybuilding industry to prepare their physiques (and their minds) for competition, from start to stage. I put together their individualized nutritional programs with macronutrient ranges, and make necessary adjustments along the way to ensure their best possible stage physique for their particular divisions (both men and women). The program is extremely interactive and supportive for the athletes. I love my job!

What I love about P4P:

I love that quality and integrity are at the center of the company. I love the company’s interest in providing the purest and most effective products possible. I love the company’s focus on encouraging and facilitating their sponsored athlete’s success and furthering of their competitive careers. I love the company’s perspective to stick to basic supplements and not waste marketing and money/ focus on what is trendy. I love that P4P is providing me an opportunity to represent them! I love the company’s awesome protein powders and have incorporated them into my ridiculous protein pancake recipes! Now my pancakes are euphoric!!

Competition plans:
IFBB Tahoe Show – August 22, 2015
IFBB Border States – October 3, 2015

United States
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