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I grew up in a tough neighborhood where the enviornment makes you feel you have no options. I used music and sports to help me navigate through it. I gained a ton of weight after highschool got up to about 250lbs. One day i just had enough and started working out bymyself. I was working at xsport fitness why wouldnt i be in shape. I wasnt getting the job done myself so i signed up with a personal trainer. Anthony Badejo, the best trainer in our company. He changed me, all i did was commit to doing everything he said, i felt like if i can make it out that tough neighborhood i can do anything. I fought every day to a point where he said lets do a bodybuilding competition. I did my first one july 23, and him only been training for 3.5 mos and i took 1st place in sport modelling 2nd in physique and an overall award for best in the show. I have been motivated, determined and inspired to change lives. I believe in natural health and fitness. I am a living breathing example of what you can accomplish.

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