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I turned to bodybuilding after moving to the United States ten years ago. Previously I have been involved in many sports but my heart was always into wrestling .I have competed many years in professional wrestling on a national level, coached kids , trying to be a good example and represent the sport. After moving to the United States I gained an interest in bodybuilding, which quickly turned into my new passion. Focusing on weight training and nutrition I was able to build a desired physique. Encouraged by coworkers, friends and family I competed in natural bodybuilding where I placed first in my class. That event made me realize that my hard work pays off and decided to forge a career out of bodybuilding. Currently I help people achieve healthy lifestyle by teaching them how to incorporate exercise and nutrition into everyday living. People and achieving their goals are my biggest inspiration. I love to see my work praised, by having my clients happy enjoying the results after a hard work.
I am happy to be part of p4p muscle team and using their supplements to improve performance and to win my pro card

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