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I've been active all my life, I ran in races all over the pacific NW from when I was a fetus through high school. Played soccer and basketball, then started surfing and did BMX and skateboarding briefly then picked up snowboarding. Took first place at nationals in 2011; at nationals in 2012 I had a really bad wreck in practice right before the competition, got beat up pretty bad and dislocated my shoulder. I was about to quit, but then decided I should just take the 2 runs needed for the competition and then I can cry about the pain later. (Which I did) I ended up getting 11th. In 2013 I competed at the USASA rail jam at the winter X games which was so cool! I got to compete on the same course as the pros! And it was huge and scary, but so awesome!

In 2012 I started Parkour and took to it pretty quickly. I soon discovered that snowboarding helped me pick up skills in Parkour easier, as well as giving me bad habits that I feel I have to work harder to correct than a non snowboarder would. From there I started Freerunning and loved it Which wasn't a surprise since I'm a freestyle snowboarder.

From there I got sucked into American Ninja Warrior. I competed in Venice in 2013 and dislocated my shoulder on the second obstacle. 2014 I competed in Denver and went down on the 4th obstacle for stupid reasons I don't want to talk about haha! Now that I've got the ANW itch I've competed in other competitions. I was runner up at Buffalo Ninja Warrior 2 and winner of Buffalo Ninja Warrior 3! I have more competitions lined up and I'm very excited to see my progress!

I want to reach my potential in athletics. I want to excel and push the limits for women and raise the bar. I want to inspire and motivate others, I want to show that women are capable of so much more than what society programs people to think: that we are just sexual objects, and eye candy. I'm so sick of the societal pressures we have to face everyday! I'm going to stop there because I could rant about this all day. Point is, we can do things that are awesome.

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