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Christina has been working out since 1998 when she began teaching high school math. She has always been into working out even in high school and college. She learned a lot from her friends/workout partners in Fremont, OH and brought that knowledge to Toledo in 2000 and has been helping others reach their fitness goals in the gym ever since. Based on her physique, gym friends encouraged her to give bodybuilding a try and that's where it all began…
Christina competed with the NPC for a few years starting in May 2003. Two years later in 2005 with another round of shows from June through October, Christina had an incredible season. She walked away with several 1st and 2nd place awards. On Sept. 17th she won the Ohio State Bodybuilding Championship walking away with the overall win and the title Miss Ohio. This was a huge accomplishment for Christina being natural, winning an overall title at an NPC show & winning her state championship at that. Less than a month later on Oct. 15th, Christina realized that natural, drug tested shows existed & competed at the natural level at the Cardinal Classic and walked away with another overall win gaining her very 1st Pro card.
Christina is now the only female professional natural bodybuilder in NW Ohio. Since her pro card win, she has competed in several Pro shows and won 3 shows in June on ’09, including the Ms. Universe title in Grand Cayman Islands, with a career total in prize money of over $5,000.00. She continues to compete at the Pro level as a hobby, and loves every minute of it.
Fast Forward 5 years to last summer. In 2014 she got the bug to step back on stage. But, her Pro status had expired, so she had to work her way back up the ladder. She ended up competing in 2 shows in the summer with the INBA & getting pro-qualified with the PNBA in Physique & Bodybuilding and NANBF in the fall & re-gaining her Pro status with the IFPA in Physique & Bodybuilding in the same show. With a newer organization, DFAC, she was already considered a Pro athlete. So now she was ready to hit the Pro stage again. She placed 1st in Pro BB at the PNBA Natural Universe, 1st at the DFAC Space Coast Classic Pro-Am in Athletic in Melbourne, FL. And at this point there were 2 BIG shows left of the year, DFAC Miami Worlds Finals in Miami, FL & The PNBA Natural Olympia in San Diego, CA back to back weekends. It was surreal for Christina to experience those 2 big shows. Yes, she was still working this entire time as a HS math teacher & running her nutrition/personal training studio (Total Nutrition) by herself in the evenings & weekends. And she is proud to say she placed in the top 3 at both shows. So what will 2015's story be???... Stay tuned :);)

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