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My fitness journey began at the young age of 5. My parents signed me up for my first taekwondo class and from there on out I transformed into the athlete and fighter I am today.
Currently I travel all across the world for olympic style taekwondo as the 2015 Female Light Weight AAU USA team member. My last competition was held in Vigo, Spain, fighting against other women from all around the world. My next competition will be the U.S. Open in Janurary 2016, where I will go on to compete against some of the best of best, world champions, and olympic medalists. My goal is to one day make it the Olympic Team trials. For now, my focus is on training hard for upcoming competitions and becoming the best athlete I can be.

Aside from taekwondo, I am also an IFPA Bikini Pro. My bodybuilding journey began in 2013, when I decided to take my gym sessions to the next level and do a show. I'd been training consistently and eating healthy foods (after all, I am a taekwondo athlete, and extra training in the gym and my food choices complimented this well.) After one show I was hooked. The extreme amount of dedication, drive, and all-out discipline that was required of me to step on a stage was what kept me coming back for more. After 6 shows and lots of experimenting with diet/exercise and how my body responded, I earned my pro card at the 2015 OCB Yankee Classic. I'd brought the best package to date and couldn't have been happier with how everything came together. Next up for me is my pro debut at the 2015 Gaspari Pro in October.

My goal in the fitness industry (I'm talking BOTH taekwondo and bodybuilding) is to preach health and wellness through NATURAL means. This means fueling your body with the right food, the right supplements, and the right ways of exercising. Taking care of your health and well being should be number one, and I hope I can inspire others to change their lives for the better!

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