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Growing up, I was never the athletic type and battled with weight problems throughout my early teen years. Finally, at the age of 17, I became proactive in my struggle to lose the pounds through extreme dieting. I began with over-the-counter diet pills, starved myself for days, and tried every diet fad I could find in magazines. None of the results were permanent. I wanted to join the military, but even they would not accept me because I was 55 pounds over the maximum weight for my height. I was 184 pounds and only 5'5" tall. That was my wake-up call!! I quickly joined a local gym and started working out. My mother helped me by cutting back on the “good stuff” that I loved to eat as a child and young adult. As I struggled and learned, I began a regimen of exercise and proper nutrition and eventually lost the weight. I joined the Army where exercise became a part of my everyday life. With so many contradicting styles of training and dieting, I could not find the right balance and plan for ME. This was my drive for educating myself and becoming an expert in nutrition and physical training. I changed my major to Sports and Health Sciences, became a certified personal trainer, and soon after, a Specialist in Performance Nutrition. I am also certified in Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise and Parkinson’s disease. My goal is to share that knowledge, lifestyle, and motivation with those who have given up hope; and transform their physiques into endless possibilities.

Bodybuilding, Powerlifting
United States
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