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I started my Fitness journey March of 2010 weighing 269 pounds, with a goal to lose 100 pounds in one year.

As the pounds continued to shed and I became more confident I started attending Bodybuilding shows and admired the competitors so much, I set another personal goal to become a Fitness Competitor.

I achieved my 100 pound weight loss goal, and immediately I transitioned from simply watching what I ate, into a strict competition diet.

I competed in my first Figure Competition in 2012 at the OCB Beyond Nutrition, in Burlington, NJ where I placed 3rd in my class.

After obtaining the judges feedback from the show I was told that I was too muscular for figure and should participate in Physique.

I trained to compete in the INBF's physique class as a ‘Fit Body’ competitor (April 2013) and I placed 4th. Again, I asked the Judges for feedback and was told that I was too muscular for Fit Body and I needed to do Bodybuilding.

I went back to training and prepared myself to compete in the INBF Fulton Fitness Autumn Explosion, Connecticut (October 2013) where I won First Place for Female Bodybuilding and Best Female Poser.

As an Amateur, I finally found my place as a female bodybuilding competitor.

In March 2014 I competed in the INBF Iron Eagle where I placed 1st in my class; won the overall; and earned my Pro Card as a WNBF Women's Bodybuilding Pro. I participated in my first Pro Show June 2014 at the WNBF Pro American where I placed 4th in my Class and qualified for WNBF Worlds.

In addition to my fitness lifestyle, I work as an Insurance Claims Adjuster for a Fortune 500 Company. This has been my career for the last 15 years and I am AWESOME at it!

I also have the pleasure of being a single mother of two beautiful daughters ages 16 and 8. My daughters attend every show, and survive every show prep. The greatest reward is showing them that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

I obtained my ISSA Personal Training Certification August 2013. Although I am not actively training clients, obtaining my certification will give me the platform I need to help others achieve their fitness goal(s); and this will also contribute to my growth as a competitor.

In the future, I plan to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. I am confident that I will have a successful future in the sport.
I am looking forward to the 2015 competition season.
Second Pro show: March 21, 2015 - Iron Eagle, Savannah, GA, Placed 5th in Women's Bodybuilding

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