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LaRita is Alaska Native from Kodiak island, Alaska. She is a certified personal trainer and has her Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology. Her background as a college basketball player and coach, PE teacher, and health educator are the basis and foundation for what she does as a life coach and contest prep coach with her personal business, Tru Life Fitness.
In her competitive career, LaRita received an overall state title and first place in bikini, her first show in 2012, ABFF. She has also earned a first, 2nd, and third place in NPC bikini and INBA bikini, as well as a first in the sports model category. In 2014, LaRita competed in pro bikini with PNBA and then crossed over to figure, earning a National level (Team USAs) second place in Professional Figure at her second pro figure show and an international (Natural Olympia) bronze medal in Professional Figure in 2014.
LaRita's favorite P4P product is the chocolate 100% ISO Whey. She loves it to sweeten her coffee first thing in the morning, makes is in her oatmeal, cooks with it, and uses it for convenience in shakes. LaRita trains 5 to 6 days a week with weights does cardio three days a week. In her own preparation for shows, she depends heavily on nutrition, getting enough nutrients to fuel her muscles, including P4P, while eating lean enough to cut body fat. Her biggest tip when trying to prepare for a show is to focus on whole foods.
LaRita's main focus in her motivation is to feel good, look good, and to be a role model for her daughter, Ravenna, who also competes in Kids Fitness and dances. She wants to maintain her families health, training natural and drug-free. LaRita lives in Prince George, VA with her husband Truman and daughter, stationed at Fort Lee with the US Army.
2015 PNBA Universe 1st Place Pro Figure
2015 PNBA Olympia 4th Place Pro Figure
2014 PNBA Natural Olympia Pro Figure Bronze
2014 PNBA Team USA Pro Figure 2nd Place
2014 PNBA Pro Figure All Womens Show 2nd Place
2013 INBA Border States Classic Sports Model 1st Place
2013 INBA Border States Classic Masters Bikini 2nd Place
2013 NPC Sun City Regional Championships Masters Bikini 1st Place
2012 ABFF Alaska State Open Bikini Overall Winner
2012 NPC Jackie's Place Alaska State Open Bikini 3rd

United States
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